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Will Dollywood Shut Down the Rides if it is too Cold?

Pigeon ForgeAttractionsWill Dollywood Shut Down the Rides if it is too Cold?

Dollywood Ride Operating Temperatures and Weather Guidelines

Ever wonder why the some of the rides are open at Dollywood while others are closed? Will Dollywood shut down rides if it is too cold or too hot outside?

Dollywood will close down certain rides for specific weather-related events for guest safety.

Here is a list of the operating temperatures for the rides to remain open. (Source: Dollywood.com)

Temperature At Which Each Ride/Attraction Closes:

Ride & AttractionTemperature
Amazing Flying Elephants32 degrees
Barnstormer32 degrees
Black Bear Trail23 degrees
Dragonflier36 degrees
DropLine5 degrees
FireChaser Express*39 degrees
Frogs & Fireflies32 degrees
Great Tree Swing32 degrees
Lemon Twist*32 degrees
Lightning Rod36 degrees
LumberJack Lifts32 degrees
95 degrees
Mystery Mine*34 degrees
Shooting Star36 degrees
Sky Rider36 degrees
Smoky Mountain River Rampage32 degrees
Tennessee Tornado34 degrees
Thunderhead34 degrees
Tree Top Tower32 degrees
Waltzing Swinger23 degrees
Whistle Punk Chaser*36 degrees
Wild Eagle34 degrees

*These rides will not open until the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

Click here to see the LIVE current Dollywood weather conditions, weather forecast and LIVE weather radar.

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